3 Easy Steps To Requesting Your Design With Us

Appreciate your interest in L.Ross Designs!

Requesting a design with us is simple, yet may be different than what you're used to with your traditional graphic designer.

With that said, we are not big fans of emails. Over the years we found that emails, in more ways than one, complicate communication between us and our clients. Finding details important to your design request can be lost in long and multiple email threads, or sent to spam or clutter folders for whatever reason.

The CRM (Client Relation Management) we use allows us to stay organized and on the same page when working with our clients. Here's how it work.

1. We send you an invitation, via email to join our workspace in Taskade. We created a dedicated space for you and your requests 😎. Accept the invite.

2. You can log in on your PC at www.taskade.com or download the app on your Apple or Android device.

3. Once you're logged into the app, you can submit your design request by "creating a task." This is where you can add details such as your verbiage, pics, logos, and other assets necessary to complete your request.

You can send revisions and communicate with us throughout the process by simply sending a message inside of the task. Remember to keep the conversation task related.

That's it!

Keep in mind we begin your job once payment has been received. This is also the point your turnaround time begins.

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