Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Having a website for your business, even in the events + entertainment industry, is becoming more and more relevant nowadays. It's quite hard to build a site from scratch, but it doesn't mean that you should take shortcuts to be visible online. Your long to-do list is not an excuse either.

Your website should provide a professional destination that makes customers know you mean business and motivate them to do business with you. With that being said, consider three reasons why having an active website is vital for business success:

  • 1. The Power of First Impressions: Plain and straightforward: Today, most of us will search Google and visit Yelp before we buy. We use Facebook to share where we are throughout the day. Therefore, you want to make a lasting first impression, so people will remember you, and return to you when it's time to make a decision.

Your website is the first line of defense. How? Based on your site, people will choose to or not visit your store. If your site doesn't look its best, people will dismiss you and move on with their lives as if nothing has just happened. Why? Because in their minds your website didn't reflect the values they're seeking. Nothing could be truer for the events + entertainment industry.

  • 2. Retail Is On Decline: A walk down the mall is something of the past, and it's not the only way people scout and hunt for a new store and other small businesses. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp are the new shopping malls. Customers are there doing their research and deciding on their next purchase.

Make sure your business is visible up there by having a good-looking website. Not only that, but continue to go where your customers are on other online review sites. Your business must have a URL, but on top of that, you should also include all your contact information on your website. That includes your street address, phone number, and email. And while you're at it, why not add your social media link as well? Surely, you have to include these links, especially if you're active on social media.

  • 3. Your Business is bleeding without a Website: Honestly, if you don't have a website, you're missing the ship entirely. You're losing potential customers, who are probably searching for you online. With that in mind, having no website at all is better than having a poor internet site.

If you're losing potential customers because you have no internet site, you're actually driving them further away with a bad online presence. Because a faulty website reflects your business image online. With so many free website templates out there, you have no excuse for having a half-baked internet site. Seek professional graphic design help; just don't have your website working against you. If you're embarrassed by how your site looks, close it. If you wouldn't send your best offline customer to your site, that's a good sign that you have to do something about it. A bad website is bad for business as much as having no website at all... Make no mistake about it.

Whether you are a one man or woman army or have legions of employees under your command, your website should look like you have a special unit working 24/7 on maintaining it and keeping it clean and tidy. They secret here is to make it "look like" instead of abandoning everything to focus on it. You don't have to throw the baby with the bathwater either.

The important thing is to keep your website functional, professional, and polished so that your customers enjoy navigating it. Hot graphic design, expert quality content and a general experience that motivate them to choose to do business with you.

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