4 Things We Need From You Before We Can Design Your Flyer

We know you're eager to have us get started on your flyer design. However, there are a few things you need to do beforehand to make sure the design process gets off to a smooth start.

Clients often make the mistake of not giving the necessary information critical to their desired outcome. Resulting in extended turnarounds and loss of time for both parties. Here are 4 things we need from you when requesting a flyer design.

1. Specs:

We will need to know the size of your design, especially if your design will be going to print. If the design is digital and used for online marketing, a specific size may still be needed. Check the platform you will be using your design in for size requirements.

If you have specific colors you would like to work with, please be sure to include those as well.

2. Assets:

Logos, images, and other assets from your business are vital to getting your design complete.

*If possible please provide high-resolution images. This eliminates us having to take time out of actually creating your design.

If you can't provide your own images, please give a description of the style of image you are looking for. Remember, every little detail counts in finding the perfect images for your design.

3. Verbiage:

Include any necessary text that needs to be included in your design. The title, subtitle, web links, etc..

4. Examples:

If you have seen something you love online, send it to us. E.xamples are a great way for us to get a feel for the style and looks you like. Although we won't duplicate anything exactly, it could provide direction and help get you results you'll love the first time around.

Note: Be sure to have all of these things upon requesting your design. We will not start any request until information is submitted in full. We understand that details could change throughout the process, but keep in mind, changes and adding information after submitting your request can have a negative impact on your turnaround time.

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