Updated: Aug 23, 2019

This might come as a surprise, but designers naturally solve problems. Graphic designers have the capability of giving you a visual brand your customers can connect with before they ever purchase your product or decide to use your service.

Here are 7 solutions graphic designers can help your business with.

1. Branding

A common mistake made by many businesses trying to compete in their markets is not investing money and time on sound branding. This makes your business identity inconsistent and tough to identify, not to mention it's unprofessional. A professional graphic designer can help you convey the right message to the right audience, starting with your logo. How does your current logo and brand stand up amongst your competitors?

2. First Impressions

"Buyers make most decisions by relying on their two-second first impressions based on stored memories, images and feelings."

- Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

First impressions are very important. Since you know this, why not avoid future problems by allowing a professional graphics designer to develop the logo of your website and materials used for marketing? The results are a stronger brand presence on and offline.

A great number of your potential customers first Impressions of your brand is based on it's outward appearance. These things are evident right away.

  • Your Website (How professional it looks, how quickly it loads, is it well organized and easy to navigate? Is it mobile friendly? Is it confirming why they visited your page?

  • Your Logo (If you have one. How does it make them feel? Is it professional?)

This allows prospects to 'size you up quickly' (which they will do anyway) and help ensure their first and ongoing impression is accurate and one that will:

  • Cause them to remember you in a positive way.

  • Draw them back to you, cause them to think of your brand when they want or need what you have to offer

  • Keep them coming back (repeat customers)

3. Lead Conversion

Good graphic design can help you generate sales and qualified leads. Especially when it comes to branding and first impressions. There's more to design than blinged-out ads and overloaded flyers. Design concepts must be simple, efficient and entice your audience to take action.

4.Visual Communication

Seeing is believing, right? Just like you, your prospects are visual. They want to see the product, understand the service and get a feel for the business. If it's appealing and striking the right visual, everything else is a done deal. Your job is to simply inform and look good doing it.

5. Multiple solutions

Numerous circumstances may arise where you may have to market to a wide range of people. This is best accomplished with multiple ads, designed to target different audiences. Especially when you're still trying to find your niche.

6. Differentiation Small businesses are outrageously competitive. It would be an injustice for your brand to look bad, or not stand out and be noticed. For any small business to remain competitive, there must be at least one differentiation. This separates your business from the rest. This can range from your pricing to the way you handle customer service. One thing's for sure, your brand design should not look or feel the same as your competitors.

7. Save Money

Graphic designers can help you stand out by making your brand memorable and stand out among competitors. Buying a logo for $50 may sound like music to your pockets, until you see someone with the same logo with different colors floating around. You get what you pay for and nothing more, sound familiar? It's true. Think about it. You would have to be out of your mind to charge someone so little for something you feel is top notch!

If you skip out on investing in solid design upfront, it could very well cost you a pretty penny in the end. Don’t forget that the longevity of your design depends on its quality. Although you might initially pay more at the beginning, it will be worth it when it matters most.

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