Updated: Mar 6, 2019

If you're serious about marketing and promotion, chances are you getting a nice flyer designed is only your first step in getting the word out about your event or business.  Almost every successful marketer/promoter use some form of video, why is this? Because video more often than not result in higher engagement and interaction. Think about it. While your online scrolling away what type of content do you see? What type of content keeps your attention longer? Chances are it's some form of video.

We design a lot of flyers for parties and events and my bro Dan Wilder of My Promo Voice is one of the best at taking those files and creating a Promo Video Ad with Voice Overs that can easily be played on Radio and other platforms for promotion. When we met he was a radio personality on 93.9 WKYS in Washington, D.C. To watch him combining his natural born gifts with years of radio experience to developed a company that delivers industry quality is testimony to the entrepreneur spirit.

That's just one example. Videos can be orchestrated in to many different ways, i'll be hours trying to break it all down.  Here are a few reasons you'll want to start incorporating videos into your online marketing strategies. 


When you see the cover to what people say is a good movie, depending on how well it's designed, might spark your interest a little.  But when you see the movie trailer,  your interests go from "Oh this looks cool" to "OMG I gotta go see this!" This is because video can quickly make you feel some type of way, kind of like music.

Take Netflix for example. Remember a few years ago when you scroll down the Netflix app all you would see is the still thumbnail of the movie cover.  Every once in a while Netflix switched it up and started putting different covers on the thumbnail to give you a different feel for the movie.  Now they have it to where when you hover over a movie title, a clip of the movie starts to play.  Now instead of making an assumption of what the movie is like based on what the cover looks like, you get a feel for what it's all about through short video ads. 


Sadly we live in a world where not everyone takes the time to read things through, in fact, most Americans hate reading. LOL seriously. But If you're reading this it's obviously not you. If you give someone a flyer with all of the information you want them to know about your business, they may only read about a quarter of it before putting it down and moving on. When they see a video pop up on their feed all they have to is press play, or if it's on automatic play, just continue to watch and listen.  Keep in mind most video ads have to get there message across within 10 seconds and really engage the customer in the next 20 seconds. Short tension spans are at a all time high. 


Long gone are the days where flyer designers try to fit a ton of verbiage into one design. Most content and marketing designs you see online have some type of Call To Action you can click to get in touch, or to get more information.  Video can completely explain a product, service, event, or just about anything you want to get across to your audience. 

Tell us about how you use video online. 

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