Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Your website is more than a place on the web some people go to see how cool your business is. Awe at the way your banner came swirling in and tell you it looks nice.

Your website should be working for you, from the moment a potential buyer or clients first visit your site, to even after they leave. Even if they don't bite on your offer the first time around, the images and information on your website should strike them to want to reach out to you when they do make a decision to do business.

1. Inform

Inform your customers about your product or service. Tell them everything they need to know to ease their worries about making a purchase decision. Do this with good website copy that talks directly to your customer base.

2. Excite

Your website should excite your visitors about your product or service. Use high-quality imagery and design specific to your service or product. Combined with good website copy has been proven to generate excitement, gain leads and convert visitors to customers.

3. Convert

Your website shouldn't be a shiny object published for ooh's and aah's. Too many bells and whistles will sound the alarm causing your visitors to make a fast escape. This makes your message unclear and visitors quickly forget why they're there. Unfortunately, we live in a time where people have the attention span of a goldfish.

Your message should be clear from the jump.

+ Who are you talking to?

+ Why are you talking to them?

+ What are you trying to tell them?

+ Why are you telling them?

++ What action they should take if your message is for them?

Making your online home front not only your favorite employee but your hardest worker.


If your website is not working for you it's useless and therefore ineffective to serving its purpose on the web. Consider rebuilding your website If you are getting a good number of visitors yet you find yourself struggling with converting those visitors into leads and sales. If your website does these simple things and still no progress, you may need to tweak your business model, product, or service.

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